Polycarbonate Roller Door


  • Facade roller shutters are manufactured from clear polycarbonate panels, mounted in aluminium joining rails. This security shutter is suitable for internal and external applications.
  • Optionally, the polycarbonate panels can be fabricated with a scratch-proof or opal (translucent) finish. When open, the panels are rolled up above the ceiling, leaving the opening completely free. Also suitable for closing off large openings up to 7 metres wide with a single shutter.
  • The panels have a material thickness of 5 or 6mm. Each panel has a minimum height of 100mm.
  • Individual polycarbonate panels are made into a shutter curtain by enclosing them in a frame of extruded aluminium joining rails. These rails are attached by hinges to one another and fitted with plastic end clips. Maximum plate length is 3000mm. For wider apertures a H-section mullion with a visible width of 15mm is set between the panels.
  • The bottom of the curtain consists of a double-walled bottom rail, finished off with a rubber weatherstrip.

High level of security

  • Facade roller shutters offer a high level of security. Each shutter is made to measure and can be adapted to your individual needs. They are easy to use and to keep clean.
  • Polycarbonate also has surprisingly good fire-resisting properties, being almost non-flammable and self-extinguishing. The roller mechanism can be concealed above a ceiling.

polycarbonate roller doors in Sri Lanka- Get the best shutter solutions

Generally, everyone prefers to spend on the best quality industrial doors that are not only impervious, tough, and durable but enhance the look of their commercial establishments. Though steel and aluminum roller doors are widely used in this aspect, but polycarbonate roller doors have their unique feature and benefits as industrial doors that can offer you high visibility and exceptional strength and help you keep your precious goods on display. This polycarbonate is the best material used in making industrial doors and other electrical items due to its muscular nature. Polycarbonate doors are always in high demand and find use widely among many industries and shop fronts and a perfect choice for premises that require a higher level of security. So if you want to enhance the security protection of your industry or shop and show your products to your potential clients choosing the best polycarbonate roller doors in Sri Lanka can offer you the perfect solution at an affordable price.

Polycarbonate is a polymer that is naturally resistant to breakage and deformation and has a high strength to withstand attack. As polycarbonate roller doors come with anodized aluminum joints that are get fitted between the panels of the shutters easily makes it structurally balanced and strong from any damage. Also, polycarbonate roller doors have a high level of temperature resistance that saves the shutters from any wear and tear. Apart from this, strong and sturdy feature polycarbonate roller doors beautify your interiors especially if you are using them for shop fronts and quite efficient and easy to maintain. There are different types and sizes of polycarbonate roller doors in Sri Lanka available that you can choose from a reliable supplier as per your specific needs.

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